Jules- I feel like I have never had back pain in my life. I forgot what it feels like to not think about my back every time I move and I haven’t thought about it all day!  Giggles and full on laughter… is very specific to you.  Regular massages aren’t like that for me haha! Thank you thank you so much!


You really are MAGIC! I slept for 12 hours last night and woke up feeling like I had my body back!  I can’t thank you enough for launching my goal of transformation.  I am feeling strong and empowered to not only feel better, but to be better!


Jules, thank you so much for the care and attention that you bring to your massages. I can’t believe the difference I have felt over the last three sessions and how well my body now responds to stretches.  If there was a tight spot it used to say…no way, don’t go there. Now… well ok, we’ll try. Wonderful!

Sally S

I swear I just had the best massage of my life from Jules Lawrence! I’m a new man.


Jules is the absolute best Thai Massage Practitioner in the city. Check out her Thai Restorative Yoga Workshops – magical!


Good morning, thank you so much for the amazing class and extra special attention to my swelling ankles last night – they feel so much better today and the swelling has decreased to almost normal this morning! You are amazing!

Wow, whatever that sinus release was, it’s made such a difference in the past couple of weeks!  I’ve been better about my sinus rinse and humidifier, but I could actually BREATHE to start with, after that treatment.  What a good tip.


Hey, thanks for untangling me the other night!  Especially grateful for you advice re: lying over the bolster and legs in the air. Huge improvement already!


Friends: First, Y’all know how I love osteopathy.  If you haven’t yet experienced the feeling of being centered in the physical body – you have to see an osteo – not just me. HOWEVER, last night I got the next best for of therapeutic touch – Thai Yoga Massage with Jules Lawrence. Holy Canary birds chirping on a Friday afternoon – complete release from all the yuckiness I’ve been feeling.  A must GO and check out!!! Consider it neither an investment or cost. THIS IS A true gift to self.

Marinella/ Osteopath



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