About Jules

Jules Lawrence is a Therapeutic Thai Massage Practitioner & Yoga Teacher.  

Love of gymnastics, philosophy and theatre when I was younger was where the mind body seed was sprouted and when my enquiring mind was drawn to the Eastern Way.  Injuries in my life have become blessings in disguise. A lower spine injury debilitated me to the point I simply couldn’t straighten myself and was in constant pain. Modern medicine numbed the pain but my discovery and practice of Yoga led me to Thai Massage which not only healed me but inspired me to help others find their path to a pain free life.

A bike accident in 2013 led me to see many different healers, greatly enriching my knowledge and introducing me to many more expert techniques and skills which allows me to approach to the body in many different ways.  I am fortunate to be surrounded by a community of incredible healers and yogis. I look to empower and help my clients take their health and vitality to the next level, work toward and achieve their health goals.  See you on the mat!


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